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How to iron-on

1. Always iron-on without steaming! (ideally on an ironing press)
2. We recommend ironing-on with a parchment paper - you won´t harm the outer cloth.
3. Always try how the filling is reacting on a small piece of cloth.
4. Unless the adhesive sticks to the cloth, hold it longer and press. Do not increase temperature of the iron.
How to iron-on
We iron-on any fillings with an iron. We recommend trying it first on a small piece of a textile. Iron-on WITHOUT steaming. Press the iron hard. It is the best to iron with a parchment paper or with another textile, since longer time is needed for the filling to adhere properly. Check if everything is adhered to properly. If not, press more and let the iron work.
Acrylic yarn, polyamide, acetate – maximum iron surface temperature 110 °C
Polyester, viscose, wool - maximum iron surface temperature 150 °C
Cotton, flax - maximum iron surface temperature 200 °C
  TEMPERATURE [°C] TIME [seconds]
Novopast, Ronopast, Perfopásik
Ronofix, Novofix PAD 80+18, Sakon, Klíženka, Vefix,Ronar FIX, Sandwich FIX,Vekolin FIX, Novofix PAD
Novofix B
Fuse´n´Tear 130 - 160 6
Ironing-on of the one-sided filling
Put the adhesive part of the filling on the reverse side of the textile (you can recognize it by the amount or drops of the adhesive). Iron on the front side of the textile. Never on the other side of the filling!
Ironing-on of the both-sided filling
Both sides at the time – put the both-sided adhesive filling between the reverse sides of the textile. Period of fixation may be prolonged.
Every side separately - put the both-sided adhesive filling on the reverse side of the textile.  Put the parchment paper, instead of the other textile, on the other side. Iron on the front side of the textile. Not over the filling! Remove the parchment paper after fixation and cooling down. When fixing the other side, apply the same procedure like with the one-sided adhesive filling.
How to use Lamifix MATT:
Put Lamifix on the cloth, cover it with another cotton cloth and iron it over. Iron it on 2 dots as cotton during approximately 8 seconds.
How to use FIX 30 sticky little spider net:
Put the FIX 30 on the textile with the paper up and fix it WITHOUT STEAMING. Remove the paper. Put the other textile and fix it (now you can use steaming).
TEMPERATURE: 130 - 160 °C
PRESSURE: 0.3 – 0.5 bar
TIME (seconds): 6 seconds from each side
How to use Vliesofix:
Draw a motif on a paper side of Vliesofix - soft side, roughly cut the motif, add the part with the adhesive on the reverse side of the cloth, iron-on with the iron - without steaming (on two dots as cotton).
Cut the details of the picture off the cloth and remove the paper. Now, put the picture with the adhesive part on the spot where you want to have it ironed-on (T-shirt, skirt, tablecloth, ....) and iron-on with a damp cloth (approximately 10 seconds). Sew the picture and let it cool down for at least 20 minutes.
How to use Flex-Foam™:
Cut off the filling to have the required shape and put its reverse side between the two cloths on which you want to iron-on. Press the iron over the parchment paper or a damp cloth. Turn it upside down and iron-on the other side.
TEMPERATURE: 95 - 120 °C
PRESSURE: 0.3 – 0.6 bar
TIME (seconds): 10-15 seconds from each side.


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