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What is the minimum amount of the goods I have to order?
The minimum amount is 20 cm in case of fabrics (the same for ribbons, linings, ...), unless stated otherwise. Then, in the multiples of 10 cm.
How to find out how much fabric (goods) you have in stock?
Near each product, in its detailed description, there is the amount available in stock. When cutting, it sometimes happens that the fabric is damaged and we have to remove the damaged piece and at that time it may happen that despite of the fact that the material was in stock, for example in the amount of 2 meters, there is only 1.6 metre left after the check-up.
What to do if I am interested in the goods currently sold out?
Haberdashery and linings are regularly supplied. With concrete fabrics, we are not able to guarantee that the specific collection is still available at the supplier, since the fabrics are regularly changed. In such a case, please contact us at info@bubufabrics.com and we will do the best we can to comply with your requirement.
Why is the colour of the fabric sometimes different?
Even though we are doing our best we can and the fabrics are photographed in a professional way, it sometimes happens that it is not possible to capture the exact colour shade. It is caused by the camera (it is not able to grasp the whole spectrum of colours) or by monitor setting. However, we are doing our best to have the pictures as realistic as possible and we offer the possibility to send the book of patterns so you can check it visually.
How will I know that you got my order right?
You will receive a confirmation e-mail message after sending the order. If you have not received it and it is not even in your Spam, please contact us at info@bubulakovo.sk.
I forgot to put something in the basket. What to do now?
Make the second order and send us a message with numbers of both orders at info@bubufabrics.com .We will link your orders and deduct the second postage. Consequently, we will send you the corrected invoice with all ordered goods.
What are the transport periods?
Availability of the goods is stated with each item. The goods which are in stock are dispatched on working days usually within 72 hours after receipt of your order. With the other goods, the delivery period is normally within 10 working days. In case of longer delivery period, we will inform you by phone or e-mail about the estimated date of dispatch the next working day after you send the order.
Do you have a store?
No. Bubulákovo is an online shop.  However, it is possible, upon agreement, to take the order in person.
How to register?
In the upper right corner of the monitor there is the icon Log in/My account. Please fill in your details and your login will be automatically sent to the email address you have provided.
I forgot my password. What to do?
Click on the icon Log in/My account. Click on Did you forget your password? Your new login will be sent to your contact email.


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