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How to buy

1. Choose the fabric (goods) you are interested in our catalogue.

2. Look at the photos and information in product´s detailed description.

3. If you are decided to buy it, write in the basket how many cm (m, pcs) you want. The indicated price is per 1 meter.
Example: I want to buy 30 cm of fabric. I will put 0.3 in the basket. The price is calculated to get the selected amount. The basket displays the price only for the amount I want to buy.
If I want 2 metres, I will write 2.
If I want 70 centimetres, I will write 0.7.
Some fabrics are sold as pieces. In the detailed description, there is always indicated how to put them to the basket if they are sold as pieces.
4. Proceed in the same way also with the other goods.
5. Any time you can display content of the basket and make any possible changes (change the amount, make a total deletion). The basket is in the upper right corner.
6. Select the transport. Select the means of payment.
8. Fill in the data and do not forget to confirm your Agreement with the business terms and conditions.

9. Send the order. Within a few minutes you will receive a confirmation e-mail message. We will inform you about further steps and state of the order. State of the orde can be followed also in the Customer section after logging in.


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