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How to do it?
After you receive the goods, please check integrity of the package. If it is damaged, file a complaint directly with the transport company on the site. At home, check the package carefully (if the amount is o.k., if the correct fabric was delivered and check for any possible defects on the fabric). If you find a defect, first write us at (not always we are able to answer a phone call). Describe the defect and do not forget to attach a photo. We will get back to you within 48 hours at the latest.
Filing a complaint or withdraw from the contract?
Fabrics are made-to-measure, so it is not possible to withdraw from the contract without stating any reason. Only a complaint is possible - a hole in the fabric, print defect, different amount. It is not possible to withdraw from the contract due to dissatisfaction with fabric colour, pattern size and alike.
If you find a hole in the fabric, print defect, the procedure is complaint. Please, make a photo of the defect and send it to us by email. We strive to solve all complaints to our customers´ satisfaction by exchange of the goods, returning the money or providing a discount after agreement.
As the goods come from the manufacturer to us in in volumes of several tons and are further processed in our company, we may overlook any print or material defects. We strive to do our best to prevent it, but we are just people. Please, be indulgent. We will certainly solve everything to your satisfaction.
Ribbons, straps and rubber are often supplied with a cut. We strive to deliver them without any cuts, as a whole, but it is not always possible. Materials must always be pre-washed. They may bleed with the first washing. You always have to count with shrinking.
We strive to cut any dirty material beyond the ordered quantity. Small washable stains shall not be subject to any complaints.