Use a great loyalty program

General conditions of membership in the Loyalty Program

1. Organizer

1.1. Bubulákovo s.r.o., Lužná 2320/6, Šaľa, 927 05, Slovak Republic, ID No.: 53475321, Vat ID: 2121405132, Vat No.: SK2121405132, registered at the District Court of Trnava, entry no. 48090/T (hereinafter referred to as "Bubulákovo s.r.o.").

1.2. Loyalty Program benefits can be used when shopping at the e-shop

2. Establishment and duration of membership

2.1. Any person over the age of 18 can become a member of the Loyalty Program.

2.2. Membership in the Loyalty Program is obtained by registering on the e-shop by completing the registration form. All fields in the registration form must be filled in.

2.3. By registering, you express your consent to the Terms and Conditions of the online store, which are available on the website.

2.4. Membership in the loyalty program is valid during the validity period of your registration.

3. Discounts and conditions for obtaining a discount

3.1. When purchasing on the e-shop, you have the opportunity to receive a discount on your next purchase ranging from 5% to 20% of the total order price or free shipping.

3.2. The amount of the discount depends on the sum of purchases you have made after logging into the e-shop with your password. The password was assigned to you during registration.

1 EUR = 1 point

Extra points: 50 points for uploading a photo of a product made from our fabrics (specific fabric in the e-shop)

3.3. The value of each purchase, where a discount coupon is not applied, is added to the final sum. The final value determines the amount of discount you can apply to your next purchase. The discount can be applied only on the next purchase at the earliest.


4. Discount Levels

50 points - 5% discount on purchase

150 points - 10% discount on purchase

200 points - free shipping

300 points - 15% discount on purchase

500 points - 20% discount on purchase


5. Loyalty Program and other discounts

5.1. Discounts obtained through the Loyalty Program cannot be combined with other discounts (e.g., discount codes).

5.2. Discounts obtained through the Loyalty Program also apply to discounted and promotional items (e.g., items on sale).

5.3. The discount cannot be exchanged for a gift voucher.


6. Protection of Personal Data

6.1. The member of the Loyalty Program confirms that all information provided in connection with registration on the online store, especially contact information, is true and accurate.

6.2. The member of the Loyalty Program confirms that they have read the terms and conditions of the Loyalty Program membership and agree to the processing of personal data, including name, address, city, postal code, telephone, and email, by Bubulákovo s.r.o., Lužná 2320/6, Šaľa, 927 05, Slovak Republic, ID: 53475321, VAT ID: SK2121405132, registered at the District Court of Trnava, insert number 48090/T, for the marketing purposes of the company, purposes of the Loyalty Program, consumer contests, and informing about product availability in accordance with the Act No. 18/2018 Coll. on the Protection of Personal Data and on Amendments to Certain Acts, as amended.

6.3. This consent is granted for the duration of your registration and can be withdrawn in writing at any time.


6.4. The member of the Loyalty Program has the right:

- to access their personal data and the right to correct personal data under the conditions prescribed by law;

- to contact Bubulákovo s.r.o. as the data controller or the Office for Personal Data Protection with a request to ensure measures to remedy a breach if they find that there has been a breach of obligations by the data controller or another person processing this data.

In such a case, the member of the loyalty program has the right to request that these persons:

- provide an explanation of the personal data;

- refrain from any actions that violate their obligations, remedy the resulting situation at their own expense, or provide an apology or other satisfaction;

- make corrections or additions to personal data to ensure its accuracy and correctness;

- block or erase personal data.

7. Termination of membership

7.1. Membership in the loyalty program terminates:

- by a written request from the member to cancel their membership in the loyalty program;

- by the exclusion of a member of the Loyalty Program by Bubulákovo s.r.o.

7.2. Bubulákovo s.r.o. may exclude a member of the Loyalty Program for the following reasons:

- the member of the Loyalty Program provided false or incomplete information regarding the creation of membership;

- the member of the loyalty program abuses membership or the rights arising from it in any way;

- the member of the loyalty program causes any harm to Bubulákovo s.r.o. or the Loyalty Program itself, especially material damage or damage to reputation.

8. Final provision

Bubulákovo s.r.o. reserves the right to unilaterally change these membership conditions, as well as the General Terms and Conditions, at any time. However, any changes must be immediately published on the website All changes are valid and effective from the date of publication of these changes on the aforementioned website. The right to receive a discount is not legally enforceable.